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  • Solving the university application success equation — equal parts education and experience?

    EMPLOYERS and universities are looking for students with experience, and experiences. Can a Secondary school provide the type of education needed

  • Survival of the Fittest:

    Thriving in your Freshman Year!

    summerGoing to college is exciting, wonderful and abit frightening all at the same time. The transition from

  • Oh What a Difference a Summer Makes!

    Oh What a Difference a Summer Makes!

    summer Summer is a great opportunity to rest and refresh your mind and body. Lounging on

  • Stress Tests


    There is little about the process of college admissions that causes parents and students worldwide more anxiety than college and university

  • Off to University…Empty nest..Empty Wallet? College cost and financing options.

    Off to University: Empty Nest ...Empty Wallet?!

    - College Costs and Financing Options

    Whether you say goodbye at the airport, train station or accompany your child all the way to the hallowed gates

  • College Admissions – It’s the FIT that Matters!

    Imagine buying an expensive pair of shoes without ever trying them on. Would you simply look at a shoe


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