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  • Why Your College Major Doesn’t Matter in the US

  • Looking Beyond Ivy League Schools

    Sometimes it feels as if there are far too few colleges out there to meet the demand of the growing pool of industrious students

  • Picking A High School: What Matters?

    The process of choosing a school for a child can be challenging. There are so many considerations to take into account, and many of

  • More Than Perfect Grades

    Woe to the students of today. Many spend their High School years running themselves ragged (or are run ragged by their parents) with their

  • The Perils Of Helicopter Parenting

    All colleges want great students. What parents and students want to know is what really constitutes a great? What is it that colleges are

  • Make your College Visits Count!


    College visits have become somewhat of a rite of passage for many high

  • All Aboard! Should You Join the Rush to Boarding School?

    Anxious parents are frequently seen in our offices at this

  • Busting College Admissions Myths

    = Few things strike more fear into the hearts of final year students and their parents than college admissions.  Unfortunately, more often than

  • Gap Year… A Good Idea?

    The word ‘gap’ usually carries negative connotations – a space, a hole, an abyss. Gaps sounds dark, scary, possibly eternal and like something to be avoided


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